One of the things that is getting harder and harder to impart to children is a sense of community values. Children don’t automatically come with a commitment to being caring, generous, and others-focused, and in order to impart these values in today’s world, we must make a purposeful effort and make it fun. If you’re trying to do this all alone as a parent, it might seem like a losing battle when kids are surrounded with so many influences throughout the day. But what if you didn’t have to do this alone? What if your child’s daycare could team up with you to work on building our Newport News community into a stronger, more thriving place?

Here at Heavenly Haven Daycare, we do just that. We share your commitment to ensuring that kids learn how they fit into the broader community. We love watching children blossom into thoughtful, caring citizens who think of the needs of others and take initiative to make a difference. That’s why we’ve scheduled activities and outings into every month of the year in order to foster the development of civic virtue in our kids. The great thing about our outings is that your kids learn without realizing that they’re learning. They absorb the lesson without sitting through a lecture. Here are some of the values we think will be universally applicable no matter where your child goes in life, and some of the ways we work to impart those values.

The joy of giving

Ask yourself which is more likely to succeed: Being told that there’s a joy in giving, or feeling that joy yourself by participating in an activity where that joy is contagious? Of course, it’s the activity that seals that lesson in and makes it unforgettable. Children have a large capacity to empathize with others, and when they have the opportunity to reach out to the needy and less fortunate with a tangible and meaningful gift, they quickly catch the joy and want to spread it to more people. Our Canned Food Drive and Coats for Kidz programs give children an opportunity to give to others and experience the joy this brings.


In an age of entitlement, where the more we have, the more we seem to want, thankfulness is hard to develop in kids. One of the opportunities that we give to kids to show thankfulness is our November Veterans Day Breakfast. Kids actually get to meet veterans and tell them “thank you” for their service.Daycare Community Values


No American should feel left out or less valued than another, and we are especially sensitive to the issue of racism that has left its scar on our Virginia community. At our Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast, we celebrate the contributions that African Americans have made to our country, and we give kids a chance to learn ways to demonstrate love, tolerance, and acceptance to people who are different from them.

These are just a few of the community values that we’re proud to help instill in the children in our community. You can count on Heavenly Haven to deliver superior child care while also helping your children to be great citizens. Call today to schedule your visit of our facility.

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