When you are searching the internet for a high-quality day care for your infant, toddler or preschoolers, you are sure to have certain things in your mind that qualify a daycare center to be considered to care for your precious child. We would like to take the opportunity of our first blog to spell out our qualifications and why we are proud of our company that has been serving the Newport New area of Virginia for decades.

Safe and Nurturing Environment

We know that, first and foremost, you want to make sure your child is well cared for in the day care you choose. Our staff has been chosen to include from highly-experienced and caring individuals. We know that children have different developmental needs as they grow and we seek to meet their emotional and intellectual needs on a daily basis. By accessing the myKidzDay app you can keep in close communication with Heavenly Haven Day Care and know that your child is well cared for.

Wize Floor

Wize Floor is an interactive floor that integrates movement and play into education. Invented by Danish educators, it gets kids up out of their seats and lets them have fun while they learn letters, numbers, and more, depending on their developmental stage. Kids also use objects such as bean bags to use all their senses while learning. Children can play alone, or in groups to learn cooperation. Wize floor has won several awards and is highly recommended, and best of all, kids love it!

Enrichment Programs

We also offer valuable enrichment programs for the children enrolled in our day care. We know that creative expression is an important aspect of developmental growth, and we offer creative-minded programs including music and art. We also know that being exposed to a second, or third language benefit a child’s brain development. Early exposure to languages enlarges the language center of the brain which benefits the child for their entire life. To this end, we offer introductory classes in Spanish and American Sign Language. We feel that exposure to these languages also increases a child’s empathy for others.

Community Involvement

We feel that is important that children feel a part of the wider community. Throughout the year, we participate in actions that help the community, such as our November canned-food drive. We also have a Veterans Breakfast to raise awareness and honor veterans.  Additionally, we bring in first responders to help kids know to whom to turn in times of need and to teach them how to react to emergency situations.

A Beka Book Curriculum

This widely-used Biblically-based curriculum weaves Christian belief and thought throughout the lesson plans. It has a very strong, phonics-based learn-to-read program that helps preschoolers prepare for kindergarten. It is also known for helping kids learn with helpful hints about remembering hard rules such as i before e except after c.

We welcome you to call and schedule a tour of our day care facility to see all that we offer for yourself.

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