If you’re the working parent of an infant, it can be difficult to find an infant care provider that truly meets the needs of your baby. Even once you’ve found one, saying goodbye to your infant when you drop them off can be incredibly painful. Any parent with kids will agree that driving to work with tears streaming down your face is common and expected, especially during the first few days. You might not be able to be with your child all day long, but you can do things that will give you the peace of mind that your child is being well taken care of by the caregiver you’ve chosen. Read more for tips from our Newport News infant care center on setting up your baby for success at daycare.

Choose a daycare that you trust

There’s nothing worse than having even the slightest feeling in your gut that something’s not right with the place you’ve chosen and paid for. You need to be certain that the infant daycare is a loving, nurturing place where your child will thrive. One of the best ways to do this is to take a tour of the facility, meet the staff, let them hold your baby, and watch how they respond to your child. This will not only give you a glimpse into the way they operate, it will also give your baby a chance to meet the staff, hear their voice, and interact with them in a safe setting without you leaving.

Infant success at daycare

Choose a daycare that’s set up to care for infants

If you send your infant to a place where they primarily care for older children, you might just be risking the chance that your baby could be somewhat neglected if the older children demand more of the attention of the caregivers. Here at Heavenly Haven, we offer infant daycare where your baby will be given the attention, love, and care that he or she needs.

Choose a daycare that’s safe

Knowing your child is in good hands is only part of the picture of being confident that when you walk out the door, no harm will come to your child. Two of the most common causes of daycare accidents are lack of adequate supervision and unsafe equipment. When you come in for a facility tour, look at the way the staff is behaving. Does it seem possible that another little child could hurt yours? Do you see any equipment that is manifestly unsafe? Here at Heavenly Haven, we have a focus on safety and pride ourselves on never using any unsafe or recalled nursery products or equipment. Also, our workers are highly trained in best practices for child supervision.

Baby success at daycare

Send extra milk for your child

Many children comfort eat when they are away from their parents, so if you are pretty sure of the amount they typically eat, send an extra serving or two, just in case your baby feels like eating more. Once your child gets a little older and can eat solid foods, send the snacks that represent comfort and familiarity.

Send something that smells like you

If your child has a favorite snuggly blanket, send that along, but if not, take a soft toy or blanket and sleep with it for a couple of nights. Then send it with your child when you drop them off. This will help to give them a consistent positive association that reminds them of you.

Heavenly Haven offers infant care in Newport News where your child will be protected from harm, nurtured, and cared for during your absence. Schedule your visit to our facility today so that you can get to know us better, and choose us for your baby’s care needs.

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