As the core of any preschool or daycare, the classroom is where we place our highest priority and our best efforts. By offering comprehensive lessons based on a Christian curriculum, and in a variety of educational subjects, we strive to develop each child into a well-rounded, enlightened individual who excels in both critical and creative thinking.
Integrating fun and stimulating activities with academic exercises, our teachers work to foster a lifelong love of learning. We believe that every child deserves to discover his or her best self through learning and experience, and we work to facilitate that personal discovery.
Beyond our core toddler and preschool classes, we also offer a variety of enrichment programs that include music, art, Spanish, and Sign Language classes.

A Focus on Safety

As a Top-Rated Local® day care, Heavenly Haven Day Care’s underlying focus is always aimed at the uncompromising safety and security of each and every child in our care. Though it is our responsibility to ensure that risks to their health are kept to a minimum while here, we believe that, as professional child advocates, their security at home is also a concern of ours. Helping our students to understand the importance of safety and security, we routinely invite first responders to Heavenly Haven Day Care to actively engage with our students, instructing them on the basics of safety and what to do in emergency situations.

Nutritionally-Balanced Meal Plans

At Heavenly Haven Day Care, we provide nutrition for your little one with two meals and two snacks on a daily basis. Nutritionally sound, each meal is meant to ensure that your child has the energy and stamina to function at their best throughout their day.
If your child has any food allergies or sensitivities, it is imperative that our staff understands each restriction and how it affects your child should they be exposed. With health and safety always at the top of our priority list, we appreciate your full transparency regarding your child’s special dietary needs.